Charli XCX Addresses Speculation About Writing Songs For Britney Spears

During her appearance on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ alongside Joe Manganiello, Charli XCX shared insights into her songwriting journey, hinting at collaborations with a notable figure in the music industry.

When a fan inquired about the validity of rumours linking her to the creation of songs for a new Britney Spears album, Charli responded candidly. She acknowledged being approached for songwriting tasks but hinted at a leak to the press, which led to Britney’s public statement disavowing involvement with “random people” writing for her. 

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Charli’s account suggested a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the music industry’s dynamic, with artists and their teams navigating creative collaborations and publicity challenges.

Reflecting on the experience, Charli expressed uncertainty about the actual involvement of Britney in the process, speculating that other ongoing projects might have taken precedence. Despite the uncertainty, she shared her enthusiasm for crafting songs, hoping they would catch Britney’s attention, given the pop icon’s esteemed status in the industry.

Charli XCX Britney Spears
Image Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly

Charli’s revelation offered fans a peek into the intricate world of song creation and the complexities of artist collaborations. The dynamic nature of the music industry was further highlighted as Charli teased about her own anticipation, only to playfully reveal that the song in question didn’t make it to Britney’s recording roster.

This revelation came amidst Charli’s recent announcement of her upcoming album ‘Brat’, signalling an exciting chapter in her musical journey following her last album ‘Crash’.

-Sushmita Sarkar