Charli XCX Defends ‘Brat’ Album Artwork Amid Criticism: ‘I’m Not Doing Things to Be Nice’

In a recent cover story interview, the renowned pop star, known for her innovative approach to music, addressed fan criticism surrounding the cover artwork for her upcoming album, ‘Brat.’ The album cover features a simple yet striking design, with the title blurred out against a vibrant lime-green backdrop. 

This minimalist approach has sparked discussion among fans, prompting Charli XCX, whose real name is Charlotte Aitchison, to offer insights into her creative choices and the deeper meaning behind the artwork.

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Charli XCX Brat Album
Image Courtesy: NME

One of the key points Charli XCX raised was the notion of fans feeling a sense of ownership over female artists, particularly in their demand for artists’ photographs to be prominently featured in their work. She questioned this expectation and defended her decision to create an album cover that challenges traditional norms.

Charli XCX admitted that she intended for the ‘Brat’ artwork to be a bit “offensive,” aiming to provoke thought and spark conversations about the role of visual representation in the music industry.

Delving into the specific choice of lime green for the backdrop, Charli XCX explained that she deliberately opted for an “offensive, off-trend shade” to convey a sense of discordance and challenge the status quo. She expressed her view that the colour green has become oversaturated in pop culture and fashion, prompting her to choose a bold and unconventional hue for the album artwork.

Moreover, Charli XCX revealed that her artistic decisions are deeply connected to the overarching concept of the ‘Brat’ album, which she described as confrontational and thought-provoking. She emphasised her desire to question societal expectations of pop culture and challenge the dichotomy between what is considered good and acceptable versus what is deemed bad or controversial.

-Sushmita Sarkar