Chris Pratt Opens Up About His Father’s Influence on His Roles

Chris Pratt has often spoken about how his father’s impact continues to shape his career choices. The actor’s relationship with his late father, who passed away in 2014, remains a significant influence on the roles he gravitates towards.

During a recent interview on SiriusXM’s ‘Sway in the Morning,’ Pratt discussed how themes of fatherhood and complex father-son dynamics recur in his work. When the show’s hosts pointed out this pattern, they wondered if it was mere coincidence.

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Chris Pratt Father Influence
Image Courtesy: Life and Style

The 44-year-old actor admitted that he hadn’t consciously considered this trend. However, he acknowledged that he naturally leans towards roles that explore intricate familial relationships, such as Garfield in ‘The Garfield Movie,’ which delves into issues of abandonment, and Peter Quill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’

Reflecting on his career, Pratt noted, “Maybe it’s not just a coincidence.” He revealed that these roles often resonate with his own life experiences, particularly his “complicated” bond with his father. This connection provides an emotional depth that he finds essential, even in comedic roles. “Having an emotional through line to provide structure for a comedy is a crucial part of my acting technique,” he explained.

Chris Pratt Father Influence
Image Courtesy: Hollywood Life

Pratt’s contemplation of fatherhood, loss, and regret adds another layer to his performances. He recalled how his father, Daniel Pratt, passed away from multiple sclerosis in 2014. In a candid interview with British GQ in 2016, Pratt expressed lingering feelings of guilt over their relationship, stating that some wounds never fully heal and that unresolved emotional issues can enrich his storytelling.

He shared how his father’s illness had a profound impact on their family and on his own development. His father struggled with the loss of his physical abilities, feeling that his worth was tied to his capacity to provide for his family. This experience has left a lasting impression on Pratt, shaping his perspectives and, consequently, his choice of roles.

Chris Pratt Father Influence
Image Courtesy: Buzzfeed

Pratt lightened the mood during the interview by joking about his role in ‘The Garfield Movie,’ quipping that it might be the most dramatic portrayal of a cat yet. However, his reflections reveal a deeper, more personal connection to the themes of fatherhood and family that frequently appear in his work.

Currently, ‘The Garfield Movie’ is screening in theatres, showcasing yet another performance where Pratt channels his personal experiences into his character, bringing a unique authenticity to the screen.

-Gayathri J