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Christina Aguilera On Meeting Drew Barrymore For The First Time: ‘I Got Shy’

In the latest episode of ‘The Drew Barrymore Show,’ Christina Aguilera fondly recalls her first encounter with Drew Barrymore, shedding light on a special moment that took place over 25 years ago. Back then, Aguilera was a budding singer, eager to make her mark in the music industry while recording her debut album in Los Angeles.

Aguilera and Barrymore’s paths intersected for the first time at the iconic Los Angeles restaurant, The Ivy, over two decades ago. A young and aspiring Aguilera summoned the courage to approach Barrymore while she was dining at the restaurant.

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Image Courtesy: Just Jared

Despite feeling hesitant, Aguilera introduced herself as a fan and expressed her enthusiasm about embarking on her debut album journey. Barrymore’s warm and genuine response left a lasting impression on Aguilera, highlighting the true essence of authentic celebrity behaviour, often overshadowed by tabloid narratives.

“I get really shy, especially when I admire someone. I can’t even make eye contact. I’m the weirdest nerd about that kind of thing, too. But I did manage to pluck up the courage to say hi to you one time,” shared Christina on the show. Drew responded, “I’m so glad. That’s how people are supposed to behave.”

Image Courtesy: Twitter

“However, we all have our walls, and we can become guarded. Depending on the day, it was incredibly kind of you to be so warm and encouraging,” Christina added, reminiscing about their initial interaction. The duo had an enjoyable chat on the show and the pictures capture the joyous moments they shared.

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