Christy Martin Reacts to Sydney Sweeney Playing Her in New Biopic: “Make Them Aware of Domestic Violence”

Boxer and sports figure Christy Martin recently shared her thoughts on Sydney Sweeney’s casting as her in an upcoming biopic chronicling her life. Speaking with TMZ, Martin expressed her joy and anticipation to see Sweeney portray her journey on the silver screen. She noted Sweeney’s background in MMA and appreciated their training sessions in the ring together.

Although Martin mentioned she wasn’t directly involved in the casting or filming decisions, she emphasised her desire for the movie to shed light on issues like domestic and s*xual violence prevalent in society. “I want this movie to bring awareness to domestic violence, the challenge of s*xuality and the overall underdog story,” Martin shared. “I am a coal miner’s daughter from a small town in southern West Virginia that made an impact in a sport that wasn’t taken seriously—women’s boxing.”

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Christy Martin Sydney Sweeney

As a producer of the film, Martin praised Sweeney’s talent and appearance, describing her as “young, hot, talented.” She envisioned the film as a vehicle for future generations to understand the realities of domestic violence, foreseeing fathers watching it with their daughters in the years to come.

Entertainment Tonight reports that the biopic is a product of Sweeney’s production company, Fifty Fifty Films, in collaboration with Black Bear, Votiv, and Yoki Studios. The film’s synopsis outlines the pivotal moments in Martin’s life, highlighting her rise as one of the most successful female boxers in the United States.

Christy Martin Sydney Sweeney
Image Courtesy: Deadline

It details her groundbreaking achievements, such as being the first woman signed by renowned promoter Don King and the sole female boxer to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The movie promises to delve into the challenges and toxic relationships Martin faced behind the scenes of her triumphs. However, specific release details for Sweeney’s film are yet to be disclosed by the production team.