Cinderella’s Stepsister Steps into Horror: A New Movie in the Works, ‘The Ugly Stepsister’

After the release of ‘Cinderella’s Revenge’ in theatres, Variety reports that one of the iconic fairy tale character’s stepsisters is set to star in her own horror movie titled ‘The Ugly Stepsister.’ Memento International has reportedly joined the project, which will delve into Elvira’s sinister pursuit to overshadow her strikingly beautiful stepsister. Described as a blend of comedy and horror, the film will mark the acting debut of Norwegian newcomer Lea Myren, who takes on the role of Elvira.

Joining Myren in this feature directorial debut by Norwegian filmmaker Emilie Blichfeldt are Thea Sofie Loch Naess and Ane Dahl Torp. While details about the film are currently sparse, it promises a twisted narrative where beauty becomes a ruthless battleground in a kingdom obsessed with appearances. 

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The Ugly Stepsister Movie
Image Courtesy: People

‘The Ugly Stepsister’ is poised to offer audiences a fresh perspective on the classic story through the lens of Cinderella’s oft-overlooked stepsister.

Blichfeldt, referring to her creation as “beauty horror,” draws inspiration from the darker elements of the Brothers Grimm’s version of the tale, where the stepsister mutilates herself to fit into the glass slipper. With this adaptation, she aims to subvert traditional fairy tale narratives, exposing the raw reality behind the facade of happily-ever-afters.

The Ugly Stepsister Movie
Image Courtesy: People

The film is set to challenge conventional notions of beauty and power, positioning the stepsister as an emblem of feminist resilience against societal expectations.

While previous attempts to reimagine beloved children’s tales as horror films have met with mixed receptions, ‘The Ugly Stepsister’ offers a fresh perspective by giving voice to a character often relegated to the role of villain. Drawing from the Brothers Grimm’s version, the film promises to offer a provocative exploration of themes like beauty, identity, and female agency. 

– Farheen Ali