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Coldplay’s Chris Martin Helps Fan With Arthritis Arrive at Concert

Chris Martin, the lead vocalist of Coldplay, brightened the day of a dedicated fan before the band’s concert. The incident occurred at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Luton’s Stockwood Park, England. Saundra Glenn, a fan who battles osteoarthritis, shared her heartwarming encounter on X (formerly Twitter). 

“Chris Martin saw me struggling to walk, stopped his car, and gave me a lift,” Glenn posted. “Blooming amazing. Can’t believe this happened.” She added, “What a decent bloke. We had a nice chat too.”

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Image Courtesy: India TV News

In an interview with the BBC, Glenn, 64, detailed how she had been making her way to the concert’s box office but paused to rest by a fence, contemplating going home instead. “I love Coldplay and thought I’d never get another chance to see them in my hometown,” she explained.

At that moment, a black Mercedes pulled up, and a woman inside offered her a ride. Glenn hesitated when she realized the driver was Chris Martin, but the passengers encouraged her to get in. Reflecting on the ride, Glenn said, “When we arrived at the artist area, Chris made sure I was taken care of, saying, ‘Get the golf buggy and make sure Saundra reaches her destination.'”

Image Courtesy: Instyle

Glenn shared a light-hearted moment with Martin, telling him, “I’m 64, Chris, I don’t do festivals. I’ve come just to see you and now I can go home.” They chatted about Luton, and Glenn recommended a local restaurant, Chicken George.

During their conversation, Martin comforted Glenn when she mentioned the loss of her parents, saying, “You’re not going anywhere yet.” Glenn described the interaction fondly, saying, “I was clutching his shoulder and chatting like two old friends.”

Summarizing her experience, Glenn said, “Meeting Chris Martin and having a conversation with him was such a special moment. He showed me an act of kindness I’ll never forget and made Luton cool again. Thank you, Chris.”

-Gayathri J 

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