Country Duo Tayla Lynn And Tre Twitty Rise to Fame With New Album ‘Cookin up Lovin’

This destiny wasn’t always clear to either of them, even though they grew up in the shadows of their legendary grandparents—Conway Twitty for Tre, and Loretta Lynn for Tayla. These icons changed the course of country music history with their successful partnership, which yielded 12 Top 10 hits, five No. 1 singles, and four No. 1 albums. Since teaming up as a duo in 2016, Tayla Lynn and Tre Twitty have increasingly felt that fate has played a significant role in their journey as well.

“We just wanted to see if people would care about this kind of show,” Twitty explained. “We aimed to tell some stories and invite them into our little family. But as time went on, we kept gaining momentum. I had no idea it would turn into what it has.”

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Tayla Lynn Tre Twitty Album
Image Courtesy: People

With nearly 120 dates booked nationwide, Twitty and Lynn are now doing much more than just performing covers of their grandparents’ hits. They have begun to focus on their original music, showcased in their first full-length album, ‘Cookin’ Up Lovin’. This 12-song compilation is helping them create their legacy while honouring their heritage.

“It was so exciting to sort of do our own thing but stay in the same vein as Conway and Loretta,” Lynn shared about the making of the album, which includes three covers of duets made famous by her Memaw and Tre’s Poppy. 

“We can be the caretakers of the past, carrying the flag for our grandparents’ music and legacy, while also writing our own chapters and continuing what they started.” This new chapter features fresh music like the soulful ‘I Hate Me (For Lovin’ You)’, but their work remains heavily influenced by Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty.

“I’m a Conway Twitty fan,” Twitty declared, anticipating the Twitty and Lynn Salute Conway and Loretta concert at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. “He was a big influence on me, not just because he’s my granddad, but because I genuinely love him as an artist. Just as Tayla is a Loretta Lynn fan and greatly influenced by her. A lot of my style comes from Conway, not just from our family connection, but from my admiration for his artistry.”

-Sushmita Sarkar