Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger Are Reuniting For a Film After 35 Years!

Danny DeVito has officially confirmed that he and Arnold Schwarzenegger are teaming up for a new project. This exciting news marks a reunion 35 years after the release of ‘Twins,’ a film cherished by fans as one of their most beloved collaborations.

In an interview with CNN, DeVito spilled the beans about their upcoming venture. “We’re working on something, a project that we’re going to do together, another movie,” he revealed.

Reflecting on their enduring friendship, DeVito emphasised that their bond goes way back before the 1988 comedy hit the screens. “Arnold and I are good buddies. We met way before ‘Twins,’ years ago,” he shared.

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Danny DeVito Arnold Schwarzenegger
Image Courtesy: EW

“We get along really well,” he added, reminiscing about their shared screen time in the 1994 comedy Junior alongside Emma Thompson and in 1993’s ‘The Last Action Hero’ where DeVito voiced a cartoon cat detective.

Hints of a potential reunion between the two stars were first dropped by DeVito in a GQ interview last November. Playfully referencing Schwarzenegger’s stint as California’s governor, DeVito quipped, “We missed ‘Twins 2’ because he became governor — which, he should have done ‘Twins 2’ instead of becoming governor.”

Danny DeVito Arnold Schwarzenegger
Image Courtesy: New York Post

While rumours of a ‘Twins’ sequel, possibly titled Triplets and featuring Eddie Murphy and Tracy Morgan, have circulated for years, DeVito clarified that their new project is more about “just two friends, two guys.”

“We complement each other in a lot of ways,” DeVito joked, “I am way stronger than he is.” Expressing optimism about their collaboration, he told CNN, “We’re hoping that sooner than later, we’ll have a nice script to go to work.”