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Denis Villeneuve Thinks Zendaya Can Be a Director

Denis Villeneuve, director of ‘Dune: Part Two,’ recently shared his thoughts on Zendaya’s potential to venture into directing during a conversation with fellow filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

Their discussion, featured on ‘The Director’s Cut’ podcast, shed light on Villeneuve’s admiration for Zendaya’s dedication and interest in the filmmaking process, even when she wasn’t actively on camera. During the podcast, Spielberg raised the topic of actors showing interest in filmmaking, prompting Denis to mention Zendaya’s curiosity and potential as a future director.

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Image Courtesy: Polygon

He commended her sharp intellect and ability to absorb information, suggesting that her time spent observing behind the scenes could pave the way for her to helm a film one day. Denis fondly recalled Zendaya’s constant presence on set, noting how she eagerly soaked up knowledge like a sponge sandwiched between him and the cinematographer.

Intrigued by the idea, Spielberg humorously mused about checking Zendaya’s availability, playfully wondering aloud, “See if Zendaya is available…” Zendaya, an Emmy-winning actress, has already begun exploring the production side of filmmaking. She showcased her skills as an executive producer for HBO’s second season of ‘Euphoria.’

Image Courtesy: People

But that’s not all – Zendaya has also taken on producing and starring roles in the Netflix hit ‘Malcolm & Marie,’ where she shared the screen with John David Washington.

Expressing her gratitude for the experience, Zendaya took to Instagram to share her sentiments. In her heartfelt post, she captioned, “Being in this film is such an honour and I just wanted to come on here to express my deep gratitude, to Denis for not just his talent but his kindness, to everyone whose heart went into making it and to everyone who’s taken their time to see it.”

She extended her thanks to Denis for his talent and kindness, expressing appreciation to all involved in bringing the film to life.

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