Discover Glen Powell’s Tornado Wranglers in Exclusive ‘Twisters’ Sneak Peek

‘Twisters’ aims to carry forward the legacy of Jan de Bont’s blockbuster into a new era, more than two decades after its original release captivated audiences with its gripping narrative centred around the peril of these natural disasters. 

A recent featurette from Fandango, showcasing the legacy sequel, highlights the Tornado Wranglers. This dedicated team is committed to bringing the raw power of tornadoes directly to viewers through their daring exploits, despite the constant peril they face. The stars of ‘Twisters’ are poised to confront whatever nature throws their way.

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The sneak peek introduces the film’s main cast, including Glen Powell, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Anthony Ramos, and Katy O’Brian. Powell portrays Tyler Owens, the intrepid leader of the team, determined to get as close as possible to these destructive storms. 

Joining him is Kate Carter (Edgar-Jones), an enthusiastic researcher equipped with advanced technology to study tornadoes up close. As the team braves the dangers posed by tornadoes, the upcoming sequel promises to thrust them into particularly deadly situations.

Twisters Sneak Peek
Image Courtesy: People

Directing ‘Twisters’ is Lee Isaac Chung, acclaimed for his work on ‘Minari’, a poignant drama that earned six Academy Award nominations. Chung’s transition to the high-octane action of ‘Twisters’ underscores his versatility and directorial skill. Audiences can experience the thrilling saga of the Tornado Wranglers when ‘Twisters’ hits theatres on 19th July.

Mark L. Smith, known for his work on ‘The Revenant’ and ‘The Marsh King’s Daughter’, was tapped to craft the screenplay, ensuring continuity with the original film’s success while advancing its narrative for a new generation. With such a talented team behind it, Twisters promises an exhilarating cinematic experience.

–Farheen Ali