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DJ Khaled Teases Massive Collaborations on New Album

Music mogul DJ Khaled is gearing up to release his 14th studio album, shrouded in secrecy except for one undeniable fact: it’s going to be massive. Following the success of his 2022 album ‘GOD DID,’ Khaled is back with a project brimming with star power and a deeply personal touch.

While details are still emerging, Khaled has teased some exciting collaborations. He reveals securing not one, but two tracks featuring rap icon Drake. “Both of them are so incredible,” he gushes, hinting at the electrifying energy fans can expect. Khaled and Drake have a history of chart-topping hits like ‘For Free’, ‘Popstar’, ‘I’m on One’, and ‘No New Friends’. 

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But the features don’t stop there.  Khaled mentions locking down “the hardest 21 Savage verses right now,” promising an undeniably hard-hitting track from the Atlanta rapper. He throws another name into the mix – Travis Scott.  “We did something so crazy too,” he says cryptically, leaving fans eager to hear what these musical titans have cooked up in the studio.

The album’s concept delves into the depths of Khaled’s journey. “Everything I’ve been through in life,” he explains, “from the beginning to now, and where we’re going is on this album.”

Image Courtesy: AfroTech

“When you love creating, it comes out different,” he reflects, emphasising his lifelong passion for music.  “I would still be making it,” he reiterates, highlighting his unwavering dedication to his craft.

While the album’s title remains under wraps, Khaled promises it will be “the most powerful album title ever.” 

-Sushmita Sarkar

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