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Does Hugh Grant Want to Get Into Politics?

Hugh Grant has openly discussed the idea of venturing into politics, admitting that it has crossed his mind, but expressing doubts about the feasibility of achieving tangible results in the political arena.

The acclaimed actor, known for his roles in both film and television, including the HBO political series ‘The Regime,’ alongside Kate Winslet, has been actively involved in political activism. Notably, he has campaigned against the British tabloid press and has portrayed politicians on screen in productions such as ‘Love Actually’ and ‘A Very English Scandal.’

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Image Courtesy: Variety

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Grant was questioned about his potential interest in pursuing a career in politics. Reflecting on his experiences, he remarked, “It has crossed my mind. But what I really see close up is that it’s almost impossible to actually get anything done. It’s just impossible. You’ve got to bring so many people with you.”

Grant drew from his connections, citing his wife’s mother, who held a senior position in the Swedish Parliament, as a source of insight into the challenges of political engagement. He recounted her advice, cautioning against the compromises and horse-trading inherent in the political process, particularly in the face of relentless scrutiny and abuse.

Image Courtesy: Cinemablend

The actor disclosed his involvement in a modest campaign during the UK general election in 2019, aimed at encouraging strategic voting to prevent certain political outcomes. Despite his efforts, Grant acknowledged the limitations of his influence, lamenting, “Actually, I did very badly. We lost in every single constituency.”

Grant candidly shared his experience of facing abuse from right-wing adversaries, highlighting the pervasive threat posed by digital harassment. He described the onslaught as extreme and alarming, underscoring the daunting reality of navigating the political landscape in the digital age.

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