Dr. Dre Teases Name of Collab Album With Snoop Dogg

Fresh off receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, legendary rapper and producer Dr. Dre made a triumphant appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The episode buzzed with excitement as Dre reminisced about the momentous occasion.

Kimmel noted the impressive turnout for Dre’s ceremony, with a complete Hollywood Blvd shutdown. Dre, still basking in the experience, admitted it felt surreal considering he only first visited Hollywood at 16. Despite his initial surprise at the large crowd, he expressed his deep appreciation for the outpouring of support.

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While hip-hop remains his true passion, Dre hinted at potentially venturing outside the genre.  This openness to exploration suggests a willingness to push creative boundaries and collaborate with new artists.

Later joined by his longtime collaborators, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent, the conversation shifted to familiar territory – friendship and music. These two artists, along with the absent Eminem, stood alongside Dre at the Hollywood ceremony, a testament to their enduring bond.  More excitingly, Snoop Dogg revealed plans for a collaborative album with Dre – their first since Snoop’s iconic 1993 debut, ‘Doggystyle.’

Adding a humorous twist, Dre announced the new project’s title: ‘Missionary’, a playful inversion of ‘Doggystyle.’ Their playful banter and shared history brought a lighthearted energy to the interview.

Dr. Dre Snoop Dogg
Image Courtesy: People

As 50 Cent joined the stage, the trio delved into some of their most memorable moments. They poked fun at 50 Cent’s infamous upside-down Super Bowl performance, a testament to their comfortable camaraderie. They even playfully questioned 50 Cent’s claims of two-month-long abstinence, adding another layer of lighthearted ribbing.

The interview concluded with a surprising revelation. All three artists confessed to feeling nervous when presenting new music to Dre, highlighting his immense influence and their respect for his creative judgement.

-Sushmita Sarkar