Drew Parker Talks About New Single ‘Love The Leavin’ And Why It’s a Career-Defining Song

Drew Parker, currently navigating a busy life in Nashville, candidly shares the challenges of a broken air conditioner and impending fatherhood alongside his burgeoning music career. “The air conditioning at my house is out,” Parker explains, noting his wife Mallory’s eight-month pregnancy adds urgency to the situation.

Amidst personal milestones, Parker reflects on the pinnacle of his music journey, recently highlighted by performing at CMA Fest and touring with Luke Combs on the Growin’ Up and Getting’ Old Tour. “To watch those diehard fans that come out in the heat to see their favourite artist is super special,” Parker reflects on his growing fanbase’s dedication.

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Drew Parker New Single
Image Courtesy: YouTube

Parker acknowledges his career’s evolution, recalling doubts after his debut single ‘While You’re Gone’ topped charts but stalled on others. “There was a time I thought this song was bigger than me,” he admits, crediting his team for grounding him. “They shook some sense into me and said, ‘Are you crazy? This is a career song.'”

The upcoming release of his debut album, ‘Camouflage Cowboy’, scheduled for July 12, marks a significant moment for Parker. Reflecting on his hit single, Parker emphasises the album’s authenticity, noting minimal changes from its original demo. “The cut that is on the record is nearly identical to the demo,” he reveals, underscoring the song’s natural allure.

With the album release date close to his wife’s due date, Parker jokes about the potential chaos. “She’s due on July 20, but our first kid was early,” he shares with a laugh, acknowledging the hectic week ahead as he balances album promotions with impending fatherhood.

-Sushmita Sarkar