Dua Lipa Changes Choreography After On-Stage Slip Due to Sweat

Dua Lipa has had to modify her live show choreography after slipping on stage due to sweat. The singer talked about her experiences falling while on tour in a recent SiriusXM interview. “I fell over on my tour, I think once in Barcelona, once in Milan on the same spot,” she said.

Simply said, that was Europe’s warmest week. She went on to say that some of her dancers were sweating more than normal, which resulted in a “sweat puddle” and made her trip. As a result, the choreography was changed to remove these risks.

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Dua Lipa Choreography
Image Courtesy: Amazon.com

Reflecting on these on-stage incidents, Lipa said, “It’s all part of the experience when touring. You got to get a little bruised.” In other news, Dua Lipa has discussed how she “manifested” headlining the Glastonbury Festival with her third album early in her career. Next month, she will headline the Pyramid Stage alongside Coldplay and SZA.

Additionally, Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker has lauded Lipa after collaborating with her on her third album, ‘Radical Optimism.’

Dua Lipa Choreography
Image Courtesy: Atlantique

Lipa is set to showcase her new songs at a special concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall this October, following a series of European shows next month before Glastonbury. 

She also recently performed ‘Think I’m In Love With You’ live with Chris Stapleton and has been listed among the UK’s richest people under 40.

–Gayathri J