Emily Bader Recounts Recreating “The Princess Bride” Scene in Her Series ‘My Lady Jane’

Prime Video’s upcoming fantasy series, ‘My Lady Jane’, has captivated fantasy enthusiasts with its revival of the genre. Scheduled for release soon, the series has already sparked interest, particularly as lead actress Emily Bader reveals a nostalgic twist involving an iconic scene from the beloved 1987 film, ‘The Princess Bride’.

Adapted from the novel of the same name, ‘My Lady Jane’ incorporates elements from ‘The Princess Bride’ into its narrative. Speaking to an entertainment portal, Bader disclosed how the cast intentionally recreated a scene from the classic movie to resonate with contemporary audiences. 

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Emily Bader My Lady Jane
Image Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly

She explained, “It was basically a direct grab from ‘The Princess Bride.’ There’s a scene where Buttercup jumps from the tower and lands very un-delicately.” In episode 8, which serves as the climax of ‘My Lady Jane’, Bader emphasises the scene’s significance in adding depth and setting the tone. 

“It’s really dark and dramatic. So, having that little bit of a reminder of what the tone is [is fantastic]. It’s actually the exact same amount of frames [as ‘The Princess Bride’],” she elaborated. 

Detailing the technical execution, Bader highlighted the meticulous preparation behind the scene’s recreation. She revealed, “The team put up a lot of wires on me to pull off the scene delicately.” 

Harnessing wires, the actress was tasked with portraying gracefulness amidst the dramatic setting of the series. As anticipation builds for ‘My Lady Jane’, Emily Bader’s insights into the series’ homage to ‘The Princess Bride’ offer fans a glimpse into the creative decisions shaping this new adaptation.

-Sushmita Sarkar