Ernie Hudson Opens Up About Wearing T-Shirt on ‘Ghostbusters’ Red Carpet

During a picture session for ‘Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire’ in London last month, Ernie Hudson just revealed the history of the clothing he wore. The 78-year-old actor attracted attention from both new and old admirers by dressing simply in jeans and a tight black T-shirt to show off his toned arms.

Hudson acknowledged feeling a little self-conscious about his T-shirt decision in an interview with Men’s Health that was published on 15th April. He blamed it on a stain on his jacket. Thinking back on the sudden attention, he said, “It’s kind of flattering. However, when it comes to age, people say things like, “Oh, we’re surprised you’re still alive!” If somebody said I was attractive and then stated I was 78, that would be good.”

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Ernie Hudson Ghostbusters
Image Courtesy: People

In contrast to expectations, Hudson revealed details about his fitness journey and mentioned that major improvements to his body have only happened in the previous five to 10 years. 

He spoke humorously about the difficulties he faces in keeping his body in shape as he gets older, calling his stomach “Mr Jiggles” and discussing his attempts to fight it with fasting and exercise.

Ernie Hudson Ghostbusters
Image Courtesy: People

Hudson stressed the value of health over appearance, acknowledging the attention that his physique has received recently even though he had kept it pretty stable throughout his adult life. He and his spouse place a high value on physical activity, log 10,000 steps a day, and emphasize the link between mental and physical health.

Hudson’s general outlook on life and health is influenced by his faith, which is entwined with physical fitness. He is dedicated to upholding a healthy lifestyle despite the pressures of his profession, placing a strong emphasis on moderation and common sense habits.

– Farheen Ali