Ethan Hawke Critizises Young People For “Not Watching More Movies”

Ethan Hawke has expressed his dismay at the younger generation’s apparent disinterest in watching movies in a recent interview.

In a conversation with MovieMaker, the actor voiced his confusion over why young people aren’t consuming more movies, especially considering their widespread availability on streaming platforms. He remarked, “The thing that I don’t understand — and this makes me sound old — but what I don’t understand about young people today is why they don’t watch more movies.”

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Ethan Hawke
Image Courtesy: Billboard

Hawke pointed out the irony that while they’re willing to binge-watch TV shows for extended periods, they overlook the wealth of cinematic offerings at their fingertips. He highlighted the accessibility of platforms like the Criterion Channel, where classics like ‘Badlands’ are readily accessible.

Moreover, he expressed concern about the lack of awareness among young audiences about legendary filmmakers such as Fassbinder, Éric Rohmer and Kurosawa. He emphasised the importance of exposing oneself to cinematic classics like ‘Do the Right Thing,’ which are readily available for viewing.

Ethan Hawke
Image Courtesy: EW

Continuing, he remarked, “I say all that not to sound crotchety…But there’s so much excellence in the past, so many of these thoughts of what we’re all going through emotionally and what we’re looking for — authenticity in our lives and healing — all these common threads of humanity people have been talking about for centuries.”

Hawke stressed the richness of cinema as an art form with a century-long history and urged aspiring filmmakers to immerse themselves in its vast repertoire. He expressed surprise at the paradox of young people professing their love for movies yet failing to engage with them actively.