Eva Mendes Reflects on Ryan Gosling’s First Impression: ‘I’ve Never Experienced Anything Like That’

Eva Mendes, known for her roles in films like ‘Hitch’ and ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’, recently appeared on the ‘Today’ show, where she opened up about her experience working with her longtime partner, Ryan Gosling.

Mendes and Gosling met while filming ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’, and according to Mendes, the collaboration left a lasting impression. “Working with Ryan was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before,” she shared. “His dedication to his craft is truly inspiring. He constantly strives for excellence, not just in his own performance but also in elevating the work of those around him.”

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Eva Mendes
Image Courtesy: Hollywood Life

This experience, however, led Mendes to make a significant career decision. “While some might see it as unfortunate,” she said with a smile, “meeting Ryan and witnessing his passion ultimately led me to step back from acting.”

Mendes’ filmography since ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ reflects this shift. Her IMDb page shows only a handful of acting credits, with the most recent one being ‘Lost River’ in 2014, a film written and directed by Gosling himself.

Mendes went on to explain that this change wasn’t difficult. “Becoming a mother to our two daughters has brought immense joy and fulfilment into my life,” she revealed. Mendes and Gosling are known for being fiercely private about their relationship, but they share two beautiful daughters.

The couple’s public display of affection during the recent Oscars ceremony also sparked conversation. While Gosling’s partner, Ryan Reynolds, stole the show with his hilarious Ken performance, social media erupted when Mendes jokingly posted, urging Gosling to “come home” after the ceremony. This playful exchange offered a rare glimpse into their dynamic and highlighted their strong bond.

-Sushmita Sarkar