EXO’s New Track ‘Cream Soda’ Has a Cool Vibe

EXO recently released a new track ‘Cream Soda’ from their album ‘EXIST’. The music video for the same was shared earlier this week, and the group has definitely made a very powerful comeback.

The new song is a pop-dance track that has a combination of cheerful brass, keyboard and drum sounds with an exotic rhythm. EXO gives their own vibe to the tune with sensual vocals and an intense performance. The band has been famous for their summer comebacks. Their latest release certainly delivers a refreshing sensation of drinking ‘Cream Soda’.

Image Courtesy: YouTube

The music video showcases the members of the band enjoying their luxurious lives- revelling in gold rooms, indulging in drinks, dancing and food. The choreography is precise and highlights their effortless teamwork, even after many years. The song has seamlessly blended high pitched vocals and low-pitched, fast-paced raps. The head-to-toe lavish styling of all the band members perfectly compliments the song’s concept.

‘EXIST’ is the 7th album of EXO which features the title track, ‘Cream Soda’ and also the song, ’Hear Me Out’. Both songs convey that it is really important to express one’s feelings without any regrets and it is very normal that people feel attracted to another by chance. The album consists of a total 9 songs, including great tracks like ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Private Party’.

Image Courtesy: Getty Images

EXO’s seventh album received a staggering 1.6 billion pre-orders just a day before it was released. The second pre-release single, ‘Hear Me Out’ bagged the top spot on the iTunes’ Top Song Chart in 37 countries.

-Kaushiki Sarcar