‘Fallout’ Season 2 Teaser Confirms Fan-Favourite Character Will Appear in New Season

A new teaser for the second season of Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Fallout’ has fans buzzing with excitement. This time, the beloved character Mr. House from the ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ video game is set to make an appearance.

The first season of ‘Fallout’ stayed true to the video game franchise’s essence, weaving an original storyline while introducing familiar elements. Fans were thrilled when Dogmeat, the much-loved canine companion, made a cameo. Now, it seems the show is ready to dive even deeper into the game’s rich lore.

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Fallout Season 2 Character
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The finale of season one gave viewers a tantalising hint of what’s to come. A flashback scene showed a group of investors, including a representative from RobCo, discussing the vaults. RobCo, as game enthusiasts know, is owned by Robert House, a key figure from ‘Fallout: New Vegas.’

Robert House, who rules a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas, survived a coma to become one of the pivotal characters in the game. Showrunner Graham Wagner, in a recent chat with Variety, confirmed that “many of our lead characters are Vegas-bound,” hinting at more screen time for House in season two. Wagner added, “Las Vegas in the world of Fallout is Robert House’s town. Robert House will be involved in Season 2.”

Fallout Season 2 Character
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The ‘Fallout’ series is set in the year 2296, fifteen years after the events of ‘Fallout: New Vegas.’ The game concludes with players deciding the fate of New Vegas, leaving room for various outcomes for Mr. House’s survival. Bethesda’s Todd Howard reassured fans that everything in the show is canon, fitting seamlessly into the video game’s lore.

He also mentioned that some plot points were adjusted to avoid clashing with future game narratives.