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Florence Pugh Reveals First Look Of Yelena’s Combat Suit For ‘Thunderbolts’

Florence Pugh is back in action on the set of Marvel’s highly anticipated ‘Thunderbolts’ movie. Treating her fans to an exclusive sneak peek, she recently shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse, giving us a taste of the excitement and dynamism of the production.

Florence Pugh, reprising her role as the formidable assassin Yelena Belova, first introduced in ‘Black Widow’ and revisited in ‘Hawkeye,’ offers a tantalising glimpse into the adrenaline-fuelled action. In a sneak peek shared via Instagram, Pugh unveiled one of Yelena’s sleek combat suits, hinting at the intensity of the forthcoming battles.

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Image Courtesy: Bustle

Addressing her fans in the video, Pugh said, “Hey guys, how are you doing? I know I’ve dropped off for a little bit, but that’s partially because I was whisked off to Atlanta to shoot a movie that I’m not really supposed to talk about. But I can show you things sneakily, as long as you don’t tell anyone…I can show you a sneak peek of the set. They’re shooting. I’ll be quiet now.”

Continuing her behind-the-scenes tour, Pugh’s camera pans across the intricate set construction, offering fans a tantalising glimpse of ‘Thunderbolts” expansive world. In a serendipitous encounter, she crosses paths with director Jake Schreier.

Image Courtesy: X

Renowned for his diverse portfolio, Schreier brings a wealth of experience from directing films such as ‘Robot and Frank’ and ‘Paper Towns,’ as well as crafting music videos for acclaimed artists like Kanye West and Selena Gomez. His talent extends to television, having helmed episodes of hit shows like HBO Max’s ‘Minx’ and FX’s ‘The Premise.’

Pugh focuses her camera on one of the playback monitors, unveiling the first official look at Yelena Belova, poised and armed for action in the movie. “I don’t even think you’re supposed to be doing this,” quips Schreier, to which Pugh replies, “Someone is going to come rugby tackle me.”

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