‘Friday the 13th’ Fans Receive Disappointing News in Major Update

‘Friday the 13th’ aficionados have been dealt another blow, as the franchise’s journey takes another twist. It’s been a turbulent month for the series, with setbacks hitting the ‘Crystal Lake’ prequel series, ‘Crystal Lake’, losing its showrunner Bryan Fuller. 

However, hopes were kindled with the announcement of the ‘Jason Universe’ by original series writer Victor Miller and Horror Inc., offering a glimmer of optimism for the franchise’s revival. But alas, fans must prepare for an extended wait before Jason Voorhees returns to haunt the big screen. Brace yourselves, as slasher enthusiasts are in for at least a three-year hiatus from the next ‘Friday the 13th’ instalment.

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Friday the 13th
Image Courtesy: People

As reported by Creepy Catalog, producer Sean S. Cunningham delivered the disappointing news during a panel at Texas Frightmare Weekend. The panel, featuring Cunningham alongside ‘Friday the 13th’ star Adrienne King and makeup legend Tom Savini, shed light on the current status of the franchise. Contrary to speculation, Cunningham clarified that recent legal battles with Miller weren’t the cause of the delay. Instead, it’s the reluctance of movie studios to invest in horror projects that might not yield substantial returns.

Despite the genre’s profitability post-pandemic, with successful releases like ‘M3GAN’ and ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’, studios remain cautious about reviving classic horror franchises. This hesitancy contrasts with recent successes like the ‘Scream’ and ‘Halloween’ series. While Cunningham had hinted at progress on the next ‘Friday the 13th’ film, studio apprehensions suggest a longer wait ahead.

Friday the 13th
Image Courtesy: People

Jason Voorhees’ cinematic journey has hit several bumps since his iconic ’80s reign, with only one film release in the past two decades. Despite his presence in video games and TV shows, legal disputes have hindered the franchise’s expansion. Crystal Lake’s anticipated debut on Peacock faces uncertainty without a showrunner, leaving the ‘Jason Universe’ as the franchise’s sole beacon, albeit limited to non-film mediums.

As fans endure the wait for Jason’s return to the big screen, they can revisit his earlier escapades streaming on Max. In the meantime, Jason enthusiasts can look forward to his appearance as a playable character in MultiVersus.

– Farheen Ali