‘Furiosa’: Anya Taylor-Joy & Chris Hemsworth Wows Cannes 2024 Crowd

The latest addition to George Miller’s renowned apocalyptic franchise, ‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga,’ premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on 15th May to an impressive eight-minute standing ovation at the Grand Lumiere Theater. Director Miller and stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth basked in the enthusiastic reception.

Taylor-Joy expressed her gratitude by blowing kisses to the cameras, while Hemsworth appeared visibly moved, as seen in online footage from the event. Miller, addressing the crowd, thanked them for their warm reception, acknowledging the hard work put into the film.

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Furiosa Cannes 2024
Image Courtesy: Vanity Fair

Set in the world preceding the events of ‘Fury Road,’ ‘Furiosa’ stars Taylor-Joy in the lead role, succeeding Charlize Theron. The film follows Furiosa’s journey from her abduction in the Green Place of Many Mothers to her capture by the Biker Horde led by Warlord of Dementus, portrayed by Hemsworth.

With a budget of $168 million, ‘Furiosa’ is slated for release in the U.S. on 24th May. Anticipation for the prequel has been high, fueled by the critical and commercial success of “Fury Road,” which garnered 10 Oscar nominations and six wins.

Furiosa Cannes 2024
Image Courtesy: Just Jared

Miller, who worked on the script for ‘Furiosa’ alongside Brendan McCarthy and Nick Lathouris during the development of ‘Fury Road,’ took meticulous care in crafting the backstory of the character. Despite interest from Theron in reprising her role, Miller opted for a fresh portrayal, given the prequel’s timeline.

At Cannes, the ‘Furiosa’ celebration continued with an exclusive outdoor event sponsored by Campari, attended by notable figures such as Cannes jury president Greta Gerwig and Cannes president Iris Knobloch. Guests indulged in gourmet offerings while celebrating the film’s promising start.

– Farheen Ali