George R.R. Martin Critiques Adaptations That Fall Short of The Original Source

George R.R. Martin recently reiterated his concerns about Hollywood adaptations in a blog post. He expressed frustration with screenwriters and producers who often veer away from staying true to the source material when adapting books for film or television. 

Martin noted that despite his previous comments on the issue in 2022, the situation hasn’t improved; if anything, it has worsened. He observed a trend where creators are eager to put their spin on great stories, regardless of the original author’s stature or the quality of the source material. 

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George R.R. Martin
Image Courtesy: People

According to Martin, these adaptations rarely surpass the original work; more often than not, they fall short.

However, Martin acknowledged that there are exceptions, citing FX’s recent adaptation of ‘Shogun’ as a commendable example. Despite initially doubting the need for another adaptation of James Clavell’s novel, Martin praised the new series for its fidelity to the source material and its overall quality.

George R.R. Martin
Image Courtesy: People

He contrasted this with the prevalent tendency among creators to “make it their own,” a phrase he and fellow author Neil Gaiman dislike. Gaiman, speaking from his own experiences with adaptations, shared Martin’s sentiment, criticising the notion of making a story “your own” without respecting its origins.

Martin concluded his post by expressing satisfaction with the new ‘Shogun’ adaptation and its fidelity to the original material. He also mentioned that FX is working on a second season of the series.

– Farheen Ali