Glen Powell Reflects on Tom Cruise’s Six-Hour Filmmaking Tutorial

Rising star Glen Powell, known for his role in the 2023 hit film ‘Anyone But You’ alongside Sydney Sweeney, recently shared some memorable experiences with his ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ co-star, Tom Cruise. In an interview with GQ UK magazine, Powell reflected on a unique six-hour ‘film school’ video made by Cruise and a hilarious prank pulled by the legendary actor.

Powell and Cruise formed a close friendship during their time working on ‘Top Gun: Maverick.’ Powell recounted an intriguing story about a six-hour video that Cruise had created for his friends, offering a deep dive into the art of filmmaking. According to Powell, Cruise had arranged for him to watch this extensive video in an empty theatre in Los Angeles.

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Tom Cruise Filmmaking Tutorial
Image Courtesy: People

In the video, Cruise directly addressed the camera, sharing his vast knowledge and experiences from years in the film industry. Powell described it as a personal masterclass, covering topics such as the differences between film and digital cameras, the intricacies of flying planes, and the effects of air pressure. Cruise emphasized that this video was not intended for public release but was meant exclusively for his friends.

“This is just for my friends,” Cruise said in the video, as Powell recalled. ‘The Eyes Wide Shut’ actor imparted valuable advice, stressing the importance of conveying universal emotions and addressing common anxieties to ensure a film’s global success.

In addition to the educational video, Powell also shared a funny anecdote about a prank Cruise pulled on him. During reshoots for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ at Pinewood Studios, Cruise personally flew Powell from Pinewood Studios to London. During the flight, Cruise pretended that the plane was experiencing trouble, creating a moment of panic for Powell.

Tom Cruise Filmmaking Tutorial
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Powell recounted, “Cruise started dropping the plane over London and said, ‘Oh no, oh no.’” Powell humorously added, “I thought, ‘Am I about to be the unnamed guy that dies with Tom in a smoking hole in the middle of London?’”

Glen Powell’s reflections on his time with Tom Cruise offer a glimpse into the unique experiences and friendships formed in the film industry. From a six-hour filmmaking tutorial to a memorable prank, Powell’s stories highlight Cruise’s dedication to his craft and his playful personality.

-Gayathri J