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Golda Rosheuvel Unveils The Mastery Behind Queen Charlotte’s Iconic Swan Wig

Golda Rosheuvel, the actress who brings Queen Charlotte to life in Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton,’ recently shared exclusive insights into the creation of her show-stopping swan wig at the inaugural Gotham TV Awards. The British star attended the event at Cipriani in New York, where she detailed the intricate craftsmanship behind the remarkable hairpiece.

Rosheuvel’s swan wig, a dazzling feature of ‘Bridgerton”s third season, has captivated fans with its innovative design. Speaking in an interview, Rosheuvel highlighted the collaborative effort required to bring the vision to reality. “I think we have to speak about the swan wig,” she remarked. “That’s like a genius moment of beautiful crafting and storytelling.”

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Image Courtesy: PEOPLE 

The wig, featuring a motorized swan that gracefully moves through Queen Charlotte’s elaborate coiffure, was no small feat. “That took two years in the making for it to all be signed off,” Rosheuvel explained. The complexity of the project involved multiple departments and technical components, including a specially designed battery pack and intricate wiring.

Rosheuvel credited Erika Ökvist, one of ‘Bridgerton’’s talented hairstylists, for the groundbreaking design. “She always wanted to make a wig with machinery,” Rosheuvel said, describing how Ökvist’s vision evolved over two years. The final product is a testament to Ökvist’s creativity and dedication, seamlessly integrating mechanical elements without compromising on style or comfort.

Image Courtesy: SportsKeeda

Despite its elaborate appearance, the swan wig was surprisingly comfortable for Rosheuvel to wear. “It’s not that heavy,” she noted, smiling. She praised Ökvist’s ingenuity, revealing that the wig’s mechanism was cleverly designed to minimize weight. “The mechanism isn’t in the wig,” she explained, ensuring that the elaborate design did not become a burden.

Rosheuvel also teased what’s to come in the second half of ‘Bridgerton’’s third season, set to drop on Netflix on June 13. “I think there’s going to be some triumphant moments, and I think there’s going to be some revealing moments,” she hinted. Fans can expect developments that will empower Queen Charlotte and other characters, adding depth to their stories.

Image Courtesy: Deadline

Reflecting on her role, Rosheuvel discussed how Queen Charlotte serves as a bridge between seasons, allowing fans to explore the backstories of beloved characters. Her portrayal adds continuity and richness to the series, enhancing the viewer’s experience.

Earlier in the day, ‘Bridgerton’’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, spoke on Today, expressing her excitement for the new episodes. While careful to avoid spoilers, she described the remainder of the season as “sexy and surprising in many ways.” Rhimes also shared her emotional connection to the story, admitting, “I cried at the end, I found it very moving — and I don’t always cry. So I really go into it.”

Rhimes assured fans that the upcoming episodes will deliver a compelling narrative, calling it “a beautiful story.” With part one of ‘Bridgerton’ season 3 already streaming, viewers eagerly await the continuation of the drama, romance, and intrigue that has become the hallmark of the series.

-Gayathri J

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