Hackers Hijack Doja Cat’s X Account to Stir Up Trouble With Iggy Azalea

Hackers have taken control of Doja Cat’s X (formerly known as Twitter) account, using it to stir up drama with fellow rapper Iggy Azalea. The takeover began last night, with the compromised account publishing posts promoting a cryptocurrency under the ticker $DOJA. To make matters worse, the hackers took a jab at Azalea, who has her cryptocurrency, $MOTHER.

One of the provocative posts read: “F*ck that stupid b*tch [Iggy Azalea] and buy $DOJA.” This blatant attempt to create beef between the two artists was quickly shut down by Azalea. She responded with a level-headed message, urging fans not to buy into the scam: “Don’t buy this y’all. She’s hacked. Save your money, the market’s down as it is…”

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Hackers Doja Cat
Image Courtesy: XXL Mag

In another post, Iggy Azalea showed her support for Doja Cat, writing: “Get rugged if y’all want but I’m cool [with] that girl [in real life] so y’all f*cked up [with] that tweet hackers.” This calm and collected response helped to defuse the situation, preventing the drama from escalating.

In addition to the inflammatory posts about Azalea, the hackers also labelled Doja Cat’s music as “demonic” and promoted American musician Weiland. Doja Cat quickly took to Instagram to confirm the hacking, stating: “My Twitter’s been hacked, these messages are not from me.”

Hackers Doja Cat
Image Courtesy: X

Doja Cat is now the latest artist to fall victim to crypto scammers. Just last month, Metallica’s X account was similarly compromised. In that instance, hackers promoted a cryptocurrency called $METAL and advertised a dubious scheme where fans could exchange their METAL tokens for gig tickets and exclusive merch, including an Xbox game console allegedly signed by Metallica.