‘Happy Gilmore’ 2 Confirmed! Everything We Know So Far

Netflix has officially confirmed that a sequel to Adam Sandler’s hit movie ‘Happy Gilmore’ is on the horizon. The announcement came during a presentation to advertisers in New York, where Netflix revealed their plans for the follow-up to the beloved comedy.

While details about the sequel, including the full cast and release date, remain under wraps, it’s been confirmed that some of the original cast members, such as Adam Sandler and Christopher McDonald, will be returning to reprise their iconic roles. Earlier this year, McDonald hinted at the possibility of a sequel, revealing that Sandler surprised him with the first draft of the movie. He mentioned, “It’s in the works” due to popular demand from fans.

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Happy Gilmore 2
Image Courtesy: Netflix

‘Happy Gilmore,’ penned by Tim Herlihy and Sandler himself, is celebrated for its absurd humour, endearing characters, and heartwarming moments.

Recently, Drew Barrymore, Sandler’s co-star from ’50 First Dates,’ hinted at the sequel during her talk show. ‘Happy Gilmore’ follows the escapades of its titular character, Happy, whose failed hockey career leads him to try his luck at golf. When a golf pro recognizes Happy’s powerful slapshot, he offers to coach him, leading to uproarious chaos on the golf course.

Happy Gilmore 2
Image Courtesy: IMDb

The film boasts a stellar cast, including Julie Bowen, Christopher McDonald, Frances Bay, Allen Covert, and others. It’s packed with unforgettable lines, such as Christopher MacDonald’s infamous “I Eat Pieces Of S*** Like You For Breakfast!” and Sandler’s classic “Why Don’t You Just Go Home? That’s Your Home!”.

While critics may have their reservations, fans of Adam Sandler firmly believe that ‘Happy Gilmore’ contains some of his best comedic moments. The movie was a smash hit at the box office in 1996, grossing a staggering $40 million. Its timeless humour and witty dialogue ensure that it continues to entertain audiences, regardless of changing times.

Netflix’s announcement of ‘Happy Gilmore 2’ has only heightened the anticipation among comedy fans worldwide, who eagerly await the return of one of Sandler’s most beloved characters.