‘Happy Gilmore 2’: Everything You Need to Know About Adam Sandler’s Golf Comedy!

Adam Sandler fans have reason to rejoice as Christopher McDonald spills the beans on a potential sequel to the cult classic golf comedy ‘Happy Gilmore.’ In a recent interview, McDonald disclosed that Sandler himself has penned a script for ‘Happy Gilmore 2’ and even shared it with him.

The original film, released in 1996, showcased Sandler’s comedic prowess and featured a stellar supporting cast including McDonald as Gilmore’s rival Shooter McGavin, Carl Weathers, and an uncredited Ben Stiller. While Sandler’s career has since soared with hits like ‘The Wedding Singer’ and ‘The Waterboy,’ ‘Happy Gilmore’ remains a fan favourite and is fondly remembered as one of his funniest films.

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Happy Gilmore 2
Image Courtesy: Slash Films

Despite Sandler’s typical aversion to sequels, McDonald’s revelation hints at the possibility of ‘Happy Gilmore 2’ becoming a reality. However, the project is still in the early stages and not officially confirmed. Nonetheless, Sandler’s stature in the industry and the enduring popularity of the original film make the sequel a lucrative prospect for studios or streaming platforms.

While details about the sequel are scarce, it’s likely to see Sandler reprising his role as the titular character, with McDonald hinting at Shooter McGavin’s return as the perfect villain. The storyline is expected to follow Gilmore’s return to the golf world as a senior, facing off against his old nemesis once again.

Happy Gilmore 2
Image Courtesy: Pinkvilla

Although Sandler has remained tight-lipped about the specifics, fans can anticipate a potential sequel in 2022 that may shed light on the mysterious script. Until then, ‘Happy Gilmore 2’ remains an exciting prospect, keeping fans eagerly awaiting further developments.

– Farheen Ali