‘Hollow Knight: Silksong’ Receives Exciting Update

Fans of ‘Hollow Knight’ have been eagerly awaiting the sequel, ‘Hollow Knight: Silksong,’ ever since its announcement in 2019. Originally set for release in the first half of 2023, the game has seen several delays and still lacks an official release date. However, recent news from a playtester brings a glimmer of hope.

Matthew Griffin, the marketing and publishing lead, has shared some insights, saying, “We’re excited by how the game is shaping up and it’s gotten quite big, so we want to take the time to make the game as good as we can.” He also promised more details as they near the release date.

In February, the developers, Team Cherry, took to the ‘Silksong’ Discord to reassure fans that they were “still hard at work on the game.” Despite this, the silence since then has led to speculation about potential development issues.

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Hollow Knight: Silksong
Image Courtesy: Steam

Recently, a playtester named Graig, who has been associated with Team Cherry for several years, reassured fans that ‘Silksong’ is not in “development hell.” He explained that missing internal deadlines is quite normal in game development but acknowledged that Team Cherry could improve their communication. The frustration over the lack of updates has even led some members of the Silksong subreddit to draft open letters, seeking more news from the developers.

There are signs that the release might not be too far off. In April, ‘Hollow Knight: Silksong’ received a rating in Australia, and an official store page appeared on the Xbox digital storefront. Xbox’s official X account confirmed the legitimacy, stating, “No, this is not a joke.”

Hollow Knight: Silksong
Image Courtesy: Xbox

‘Hollow Knight: Silksong’ was initially conceived as an expansion to the 2014 original but grew into a full-fledged sequel as development progressed. In Silksong, players will control Hornet, the princess-protector of Hallownest, who is described as a more agile protagonist compared to Knight from the original game.

When it does launch, ‘Hollow Knight: Silksong’ will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC. Additionally, it will be available on day one through Xbox Game Pass.