How Coldplay Nearly Missed Their First Glastonbury Performance

In a revealing new BBC documentary titled ‘Coldplay: Our Glastonbury,’ the band reminisced about their inaugural appearance at the iconic Glastonbury Festival in 1999. Lead vocalist Chris Martin recounted a tense moment when their tour manager mistakenly dropped them off at the wrong entrance just before their scheduled performance, as reported by NME.

Martin, reflecting on those early days, expressed the band’s overwhelming eagerness to be at Glastonbury. “The hunger to go there was so huge,” he recalled. “Our first introduction, I think, was probably carrying a not-very-good amplifier with a drunken tour manager who, you know, obviously didn’t know what he was doing either.”

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At the time, Coldplay had recently released their first EP in 1998 and were slated to perform ahead of their second EP recording, which hit the shelves in October 1999. “We sort of had a very quick intake of the whole place, and then started where you should start, which is in the New Bands Tent, first on,” Martin elaborated. “I don’t think I thought about the wider, how wild it was. It was just like we were here and we’re late and it’s huge.”

Fast forward to the present day, Coldplay is preparing to headline Glastonbury for the fifth time, scheduled for June. This milestone performance will be streamed globally on the BBC website, marking another significant chapter in their long-standing relationship with the festival.

Coldplay Glastonbury
Image Courtesy: People

Earlier this month, the seven-time Grammy Award-winning band announced their upcoming 10th studio album, ‘Moon Music’, set to release in October. Produced by renowned Swedish hitmaker Max Martin, the 11-track LP will offer limited hand-signed, eco-friendly vinyl editions exclusively available through Coldplay’s official website.

In another anecdote shared during the documentary, Martin’s encounter with a fan named Glenn highlighted the band’s enduring connection with their audience. Glenn, who lives with osteoarthritis and a “dodgy right hip,” initially considered watching Coldplay’s concert from home but was unexpectedly offered a ride by Martin himself. “The door opens and I said, ‘Oh that’s Chris Martin, I can’t get in with him,'” Glenn recounted, only to be reassured by others in the vehicle, “‘Yes you can.'”

-Sushmita Sarkar