Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Shares Unusual First Bonding Experience With Girlfriend Minka Kelly

Reynolds discusses in this week’s issue his deep connection with actress Minka Kelly, revealing the unconventional path that brought them together. 

The singer-songwriter, recently divorced from singer Aja Volkman in 2022, was introduced to Kelly, through a mutual friend while she was working in the UK. Their initial interactions unfolded over phone calls for a month before they met face-to-face.

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Dan Reynolds Girlfriend
Image Courtesy: People

During this period, Kelly was immersed in writing her poignant memoir, ‘Tell Me Everything,’ delving into her challenging upbringing and tumultuous relationships. As Reynolds and his band were preparing for the release of their new album Loom, he shared some of their music with Kelly. In turn, she reciprocated by offering him a glimpse into her deeply personal narrative.

“She was hesitant, saying, ‘If you’re sharing your art, I can reciprocate, but it’s vulnerable for me,’” Reynolds recounts. “We were both apprehensive about sharing—me with my songwriting and her with her memoir—without having met. Yet, it turned out to be a profound experience that brought us closer together. It helped us quickly understand each other on a deeper level.”

Dan Reynolds Girlfriend
Image Courtesy: People

Reflecting on his role as a father, Reynolds expresses immense joy and fulfilment. “Fatherhood is my favourite part of life,” he affirms. “I cherish my four children deeply. While my career brings incredible opportunities, my priority has always been to ensure I’m present for my kids and nurturing them in every way.”

Currently gearing up for Imagine Dragons’ ambitious Loom World Tour, set to kick off on July 30, Reynolds emphasises his dedication to his craft. “I take my job seriously,” he asserts. “I’m grateful for this career, mindful of the competition, and strive to give my best. The album Loom reflects themes of the present, while also exploring past reflections and future uncertainties—an ode to new beginnings.”

-Sushmita Sarkar