Is Benedict Bridgerton Queer? Exploring The Viral Fan Theory

In the second season of the captivating series ‘Bridgerton’, Benedict, one of the central characters, found himself entangled in a romantic storyline that sparked discussions and debates among viewers. The eldest Bridgerton brother developed feelings for Tessa, a female art student, igniting a narrative that explored the complexities of love and identity.

Chris Van Dusen, the creative force behind the series, clarified that Benedict’s storyline with Henry in the first season was not intended to define his sexuality but rather to showcase a message of acceptance, especially during a time when judgmental attitudes were prevalent. However, some viewers interpreted this portrayal as queerbaiting, a practice of hinting at LGBTQ+ representation without fully delivering on it. 

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Benedict Bridgerton Queer
Image Courtesy: Pinkvilla

While ‘Bridgerton’ has been praised for its diverse representation, including a racially diverse ecosystem in the Regency era, coupled with themes of body positivity and feminism, fans have expressed a desire for the series to embrace similar progressive stances towards LGBTQ+ narratives. This sentiment highlights the audience’s craving for authentic and meaningful representation across various identities and experiences.

In the original Quinn novel ‘An Offer from a Gentleman’, Benedict’s romantic storyline centres around Sophie Beckett. Their love story unfolds after they meet at a masquerade party, where Benedict becomes intrigued by Sophie’s mysterious identity. Years later, their paths cross again, igniting the typical romantic drama and intrigue that fans of the genre have come to cherish. This plot follows the pattern of a classic Cinderella fairy tale, promising a captivating tale of love, discovery, and self-acceptance.

As speculation surrounding the upcoming fourth season of ‘Bridgerton’ continues to swirl, fans have expressed concern that Benedict’s storyline might be sidelined. However, Jess Brownell, a key figure behind the series, addressed these worries in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, stating, “Let him have more fun before he settles down,” hinting at potential character development and adventures for Benedict before he embarks on his romantic journey.

Furthermore, executive producer Shonda Rhimes has indicated that the show may not strictly adhere to the order of the books, suggesting that other sibling stories could take priority. This creative decision leaves room for surprises and unexpected narrative twists, keeping viewers engaged and eager to unravel the multifaceted tapestry of the Bridgerton family’s lives and loves.

-Sushmita Sarkar