Jenna Dewan Raves About Fiancé Steve Kazee’s Support During Third Pregnancy

Jenna Dewan expresses deep gratitude for her fiancé, Steve Kazee, highlighting his unwavering support throughout her third pregnancy. At the Baby2Baby Mother’s Day Celebration Presented by Aquaphor at The Grove, Dewan shared an exclusive interview with PEOPLE about her praise for Kazee calling him “amazing” as they eagerly await the arrival of their new baby.

On 23rd April, Dewan gave a poignant speech at the event in which she thanked Kazee for his amazing care. She highlighted his attention to her desires and his help in juggling their two children, Eve and Callum. 

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Jenna Dewan Steve Kazee
Image Courtesy: Jenna Dewan/Instagram

She emphasizes how much she values his unceasing reminders to take a nap. Reminiscent of her childhood dream of a bustling household during the holidays, Dewan shares 10-year-old Everly with her former husband Channing Tatum and 4-year-old Callum with Kazee. She expresses her enthusiasm for expanding their family and feels fulfilled to see it materialize in her own life.

Even though Dewan is generally excited about the next phase of their relationship, she acknowledges that she has been notably more tired with her third pregnancy, particularly when balancing the responsibilities of raising her older children. She considers how different it is to go to bed earlier than normal, admits the difficulties, and expresses thankfulness for the journey so far.

Jenna Dewan Steve Kazee
Image Courtesy: Jenna Dewan/Instagram

Dewan calls her involvement with Baby2Baby, a nationwide nonprofit organization that helps provide necessities to underprivileged children, “absolutely incredible.” She also appreciates the organization’s work. 

She stresses how important it is to help mothers who are in need and to treasure occasions like Mother’s Day when mothers are celebrated and given special treatment. Dewan emphasizes the necessity for moms to have empathy and compassion for one another as well as the need to give back to the community by making sure that families in need have access to necessities.

– Farheen Ali