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Jennifer Lawrence Shades Mike Pence Over ‘Conversion Therapy Views’

Jennifer Lawrence has taken aim at former US Vice President Mike Pence over his alleged stance on conversion therapy, a controversial practice aimed at altering an individual’s s*xual or gender identity. Medical and mental health experts have long discredited this approach due to its harmful effects on mental well-being.

At the GLAAD media awards last evening, the Oscar-winning actress, while presenting the Vito Russo Award to singer Orville Peck, made a playful jab at Pence. “I adore the gay community. In fact, I once fancied a gay chap. I attempted to convert him for years, but now I understand that conversion therapy is ineffective,” Lawrence quipped.

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Image Courtesy: Fox News

Directing her words towards Pence, she emphasised, “Did you catch that, Mike Pence? I mentioned that conversion therapy isn’t legitimate, even though I’m aware you might believe otherwise.” She added a humorous remark, saying, “He’s in New York this evening. Apparently, he’s being honoured with a Kid’s Choice Award for the oddest personality trait.”

Pence has a track record of opposing LGBTQ+ rights. During a 2000 congressional campaign, he voiced support for redirecting funds towards individuals “seeking to change their sexual behaviour,” as reported by the Human Rights Campaign. As governor of Indiana, he endorsed a religious freedom bill that drew criticism for its perceived anti-LGBTQ+ implications, a move surrounded by individuals who reportedly hold anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments.

Image Courtesy: Page Six

In response to allegations in 2018 about his support for conversion therapy, a spokesperson for Pence refuted the claims, stating to The Washington Post, “The vice president has never supported conversion therapy and doesn’t endorse it now. Any suggestions otherwise are entirely false. His stance on the issue has been abundantly clear.”

Pence served as vice president from 2017 to 2021 under Donald Trump. He launched an unsuccessful bid for the Republican Party nomination for president in 2024, withdrawing from the race the previous year.

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