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Jessica Biel Considered Quitting Hollywood Before ‘The Sinner’ Success, Reveals Insider

Jessica Biel’s Career Journey was not a path of roses.

Jessica Biel, now 42, has experienced both triumphs and challenges throughout her career. Alongside producer Michelle Purple, she co-founded Iron Ocean Studios two decades ago. However, until ‘The Sinner’, the duo faced numerous setbacks in finding success.

In a recent episode of ‘The Bright Side’ podcast, Biel reflected on the early years of their production company, describing it as “a labour of love” with little success for the first decade. It was only when they developed The Sinner from scratch that their fortunes changed.

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Image Courtesy: People

The breakthrough came when they successfully pitched the USA Network crime anthology series. Biel recalled the pivotal moment of selling the show, admitting that had it not been accepted, both she and Purple had contemplated quitting the industry altogether.

Producing and starring in The Sinner’s first season marked a significant milestone for Biel, earning her Golden Globe and Emmy nominations. This achievement, following her iconic role in ‘7th Heaven’, left her feeling elated and grateful.

Image Courtesy: People

Despite the challenges, Biel emphasized the transformative nature of television today, particularly in providing opportunities for women. ‘The Sinner’, she noted, was a testament to this shift, offering creative freedom and joy in filming.

As the series concluded after four seasons, Biel expressed both sadness and appreciation for the journey. She highlighted the importance of maintaining the show’s integrity and thoughtful consideration for future endeavours. All four seasons of ‘The Sinner’ are available for streaming on Netflix, showcasing Biel’s remarkable journey in the industry.

– Farheen Ali 

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