Joey Graziadei And Kelsey Anderson From ‘The Bachelor’ Reflect on Accidentally Spoiling Their Season’s Ending: ‘We Tried’

After the dramatic three-hour finale of season 28, which culminated in Joey Graziadei proposing to Kelsey Anderson, the couple shared their post-show experiences with Entertainment Weekly. 

They discussed the whirlwind of emotions surrounding their engagement and how they are adjusting to life as an engaged couple. One notable aspect they addressed was accidentally spoiling the season’s outcome, as eagle-eyed fans noticed that their TikToks and Instagram Stories were filmed at the same house.

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The Bachelor
Image Courtesy: People

Acknowledging their fans’ detective work, Graziadei humbly stated, “We tried our best.” The proposal itself was a romantic moment in Tulum, Mexico, where Graziadei proposed to Anderson with a heartfelt speech and a ring designed by celebrity jewellery designer Neil Lane, capturing her essence of “radiance, uniqueness, joy, and sentimental nature.”

Their engagement is planned to last two to three years as they continue to deepen their connection and savour each moment. Graziadei emphasised the importance of taking things slowly and enjoying their time together, stating, “We want to promise our lives together, but we don’t want to rush it.” They look forward to celebrating their engagement in Anderson’s hometown of New Orleans before embarking on a new chapter in New York City.

As for the future of ‘The Bachelor’ franchise, Jenn Tran was announced as the 21st Bachelorette during the finale, marking a significant milestone as the first Asian-American lead in the franchise’s history. 

Graziadei shared advice for Tran’s potential suitors, encouraging them to focus on building a strong connection with her. Overall, Graziadei and Anderson’s journey from the finale to their engagement plans reflects a blend of excitement, gratitude, and anticipation for what lies ahead in their relationship.

-Sushmita Sarkar