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JoJo Siwa Defends Ghostwriting, Says ‘It’s Like Buying Clothes’

JoJo Siwa is finally addressing the rumours about her songwriting. The singer, who gained fame as a ‘Dance Moms’ star, took to social media to clarify the issue with a detailed explanation. In a candid video, Siwa admitted to her followers that she does not write her songs but focuses on performing them. 

She explained that her talented team of songwriters is responsible for crafting the lyrics, which she then brings to life. To illustrate her point, she compared the process to buying clothes from stores – she selects the songs that suit her, much like picking outfits.

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Image Courtesy: Pinkvilla

JoJo Siwa, originally named Joelle Joanie Siwa, felt compelled to address the speculation surrounding her songwriting abilities. In a detailed post on TikTok, she confirmed, “Here to confirm for ya…I don’t WRITE my songs. I SING them. I have an incredible team of songwriters that write songs and pitch them to me to see if (they) wanna make the song mine!!” This clarification was in response to ongoing criticism about her debut single, ‘Karma’.

In an interview, Siwa vehemently denied these claims, insisting that she “didn’t steal anything.” She also made an offhand remark about Brit Smith, saying, “I also don’t know who Brit Smith is.” Despite the controversy, Smith did not take offence and expressed happiness that her song was finally being heard and appreciated.

The song ‘Karma’, quickly sparked controversy. The single reached No. 22 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart, as noted by Forbes. However, rumours circulated that Karma was originally written by Brit Smith, leading to accusations that Siwa had stolen the song.

Interestingly, some fans have noted that Siwa’s rendition of ‘Karma’ bears a resemblance to Miley Cyrus’s singing ‘style’, both vocally and visually in the music video. Despite these comparisons and the drama, JoJo Siwa continues to stand by her team and their creative process, focusing on delivering performances that resonate with her audience.

-Sushmita Sarkar

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