Juice WRLD’s Cause of Death Revealed

Jarad A. Higgins, or Juice WRLD, as everyone knew him, was detained on December 8th at Chicago’s Midway Airport after police were tipped off to the possible presence of drugs and guns. After his private plane was searched, he reportedly had a seizure and passed away before he could reach a hospital.

Now, it’s been well over a month since his passing and just recently, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office revealed that the rapper died due to an oxycodone and codeine toxicity.
The Examiner’s Office also ruled Juice’s death to be an “accident” as sources clarified that he swallowed a large number of Percocet pills in order to avoid them from being discovered by the police.

Juice WRLD has always been open about his drug use, in interviews and especially in his music. In fact, he’s also spoken out about the influence, rapper-singer, Future’s, had on him, which simply furthered his addiction. He mentioned, “A lot of people have their own vices and addictions and they know what’s up with it, so they don’t want other people to fall down that slippery slope.” Future himself has admitted that he regrets the events that transpired between them.

Perhaps, what makes this news even more heartbreaking is the fact that Juice WRLD was on the brink of stardom, before everything started spiraling. Not only was he an extremely talented musician, but his ability to create a brilliant cocktail of rap, pop and punk music is what made him stand out from other artists.

And that’s why, his music will still linger with us for years to come.