Justin And Hailey Bieber Share Their Thoughts on Parenthood: A Dive Into Their Journey

Justin Bieber has openly discussed his desire to start a family with Hailey Bieber, emphasising a balanced approach that respects their personal timelines and aspirations. Early into their marriage, Justin expressed his anticipation for fatherhood but also emphasised the importance of enjoying their time together as a couple.

During an interview, Justin shared his excitement about starting a family but acknowledged the need to savour their marital journey and prioritise building their relationship. 

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Justin Hailey Bieber Parenthood
Image Courtesy: People

Similarly on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he reiterated his eagerness to have children while highlighting Hailey’s autonomy in deciding when and how many children they would have.

Justin’s documentary, Justin Bieber: Our World, provided further insights into his aspirations for parenthood. In one clip, he expressed his intention to focus on family and set goals for the future, indicating a readiness to start trying for a baby in 2021. 

Justin Hailey Bieber Parenthood
Image Courtesy: People

Hailey, while supportive of their shared goals, indicated a desire to ensure they were both ready for such a significant step.

Their open and honest discussions reflect a couple’s thoughtful approach to family planning, prioritising mutual understanding, respect for individual goals, and a shared vision for their future together.

-Sushmita Sarkar