Kanye West Accused of S*xual Harassment by Former Yeezy Employee

According to Us Weekly, Kanye West is being sued for s*xual harassment and unlawful termination by Lauren Pisciotta, his former assistant. Ms. Pisciotta accused West of s*xual harassment, wrongful termination, violation of contract and creating a hostile work environment in the filing dated 3rd June. Pisciotta asserted that West recruited her when he was developing his Yeezy clothing line. She also reveals that she co-wrote three songs for the rapper’s album ‘Donda,’ which was released in 2021.

Pisciotta claimed to have made $1 million a year working as a content creator on OnlyFans before becoming affiliated with West. Pisciotta alleged that after a year of collaboration with West, he ordered her to remove her OnlyFans and assured her of a $1 million annual payment.

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Kanye West Sexual Harassment
Image Courtesy: THR

She said she had given her consent. However, after she left OnlyFans, things changed. According to the filing (via Us Weekly), Kanye West sent a slew of messages that said, “See my problem am I be wanting to fk but then after I fk I want a girl to tell me how hard they have been fkeed while I’m fking them.” “So I want her to be unfaithful to me.”

According to the previously cited article, Pisciotta stated that West would engage in s*xual activity while they were on the phone and that the rapper would inquire as to whether she could hear or guess what he was getting up to. She also stated she was sent pictures and videos showing West engaging in s*xual activity.

Before being let go in October 2022, Pisciotta claimed that she had been elevated to Chief of Staff at Yeezy and was making $4 million a year. On the other hand, she asserted that she accepted a $3 million severance payment, which she never got.