Kate Hudson Took a Full Year Off Dating to Break Negative Patterns

Kate Hudson once decided to take a year-long break from dating on the advice of her therapist. The 45-year-old actress opened up about this experience on a recent episode of the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast. “I took a full year off,” Hudson told host Alex Cooper. “I was like, ‘What?’ I couldn’t flirt, date, nothing. But it was great.”

Hudson made this decision when she was in her thirties. “I was at a point where I didn’t want to keep repeating the same patterns. I have a great therapist who said, ‘I can help you, but you have to commit to this,'” she explained. Despite enjoying flirting, Hudson found herself needing to eliminate all distractions, even stopping giving out her phone number to men.

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Kate Hudson Dating
Image Courtesy: People

The process, while empowering, became uncomfortable as it affected her usual social interactions. “It wasn’t fun, but it was necessary. We were doing specific types of therapy to address certain issues, and I had a major breakthrough that I wouldn’t have reached if I had distractions,” she shared.

After six months, Hudson stopped worrying about her phone and social outings. “I had no desire to engage in any flirtation. After a year, my therapist said, ‘Okay, you can flirt again,'” she recounted.

Kate Hudson Dating
Image Courtesy: People

When men started texting her again, Hudson noticed she no longer had the same attachment to flirting. She credited this period of being single with helping her eventually connect with her now-fiancé, Danny Fujikawa.

The couple, engaged since 2021, share a daughter, Rani Rose, 5. Hudson is also a mother to sons Ryder Robinson, 20, with ex-husband Chris Robinson, and Bingham “Bing,” 12, with former fiancé Matt Bellamy.

– Farheen Ali