Kate Winslet Says ‘Being Famous Was Horrible” After ‘Titanic’ Released

Kate Winslet found herself catapulted into stardom at the tender age of 22 when ‘Titanic,’ the iconic romance film, swept across the globe in 1997. While the film brought her immense fame and success, Winslet recently revealed that not all aspects of her newfound celebrity were positive.

In an interview with PORTER Magazine, the now 48-year-old actress shared her struggles with the pressures of fame following the release of ‘Titanic.’ Reflecting on the intense media scrutiny she faced at the time, Winslet admitted, “I felt like I had to conform to a certain image and the intrusion into my life was overwhelming.”

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Kate Winslet Titanic
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Journalists bombarded Winslet with questions about her career choices post-‘Titanic,’ implying that she could have pursued bigger projects. However, Winslet firmly asserted, “Being famous was horrible. I chose smaller projects because they resonated with me, not because I didn’t want success.”

Despite the challenges, Winslet expressed gratitude for the opportunities the movie brought her, including the ability to purchase her own home in her early twenties. However, she lamented the loss of privacy, recalling instances of being followed by the press even during mundane activities like feeding ducks.

Kate Winslet Titanic
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Yet, Winslet maintains that the enduring popularity of ‘Titanic’ is a testament to its impact on audiences worldwide. She humourously quipped about feeling uncomfortable only when on a boat, evoking memories of her character’s ill-fated voyage.

The actress has been vocal about the toll fame took on her mental well-being. In various interviews, she has spoken out against the harsh treatment she received from the media, describing it as bullying. Winslet also revealed instances of body shaming, highlighting the detrimental effects of public scrutiny on her self-esteem.

Kate Winslet Titanic
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Looking back, Winslet expressed regret over not standing up to the media’s unfair treatment. She acknowledged her vulnerability as a young woman navigating fame and admitted that she wished she had spoken out against the abuse she endured.