Kathryn Hahn Builds a Coven in First ‘Agatha All Along’ Trailer

The first trailer for the much-anticipated series featuring Kathryn Hahn’s beloved WandaVision character, Agatha ‘Agness’ Harkness, has finally been released, and fans will find the wait for Agatha All Along well worth it. In the teaser trailer, unveiled, Agatha returns to her detective roots and is intrigued by a mysterious Jane Doe she encounters, who might change everything.

“Is this really how you see yourself?” asks Rio Vidal (Aubrey Plaza) at the start of the trailer. “That witch is gone. Leaving you trapped in her distorted spell. Claw your way out.” Agatha reveals she misses the “glory days” before the Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), “took every bit of power I had,” but she believes she “can beat her again.”

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Agatha All Along Trailer
Image Courtesy: People

Her plan involves walking the ‘Witches’ Road,” which Lilia Calderu (Patti LuPone) warns is a “death wish.” Lilia later questions, “What witch in her right mind would join Agatha Harkness’ coven?” According to the official logline, the series will show Agatha “down and out of power after the suspicious goth teen helps break her free from a distorted spell.”

“Her interest is piqued when he begs her to take him on the legendary ‘Witches’ Road, a magical gauntlet of trials that, if survived, rewards a witch with what they’re missing,” the logline continues. “Together, Agatha and this mysterious teen pull together a desperate coven and set off down, down, down The Road.”

Along with Hahn, Plaza, and LuPone, the new series stars Joe Locke, Sasheer Zamata, Ali Ahn, Debra Jo Rupp, and Miles Gutierrez-Riley. This spinoff from 2021’s widely popular WandaVision picks up after the events of its predecessor. 

“It is hilarious, but it also goes very surprisingly deep,” Hahn, 50, told TVLine in May, comparing the spinoff to WandaVision. “It’s very sophisticated. I think everyone’s going to respond to it and maybe grab hold of something that they really — like in WandaVision — weren’t expecting.”

-Sushmita Sarkar