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Katy Perry, Billie Eilish Stand Against AI Music in Open Letter 

A coalition of prominent music industry figures, spearheaded by the Artists Rights Alliance, has united in opposition to the perceived risks posed by AI-generated music. Among the notable artists involved in this movement are Katy Perry, Billie Eilish, and Miranda Lambert, signalling a collective effort to address concerns about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on artistic integrity and fair compensation within the music industry.

The recent unveiling of a petition by The Alliance serves as a platform to articulate their shared concerns regarding the potential ramifications of AI in music creation. While acknowledging the potential for AI to enhance creativity and innovation, the petition underscores the risks associated with certain platforms that may exploit artists by leveraging AI technology.

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One of the key focal points of the petition is the notion that AI-generated music could lead to derivative works that infringe upon the rights of human creators and songwriters. The Alliance advocates for a responsible approach to AI implementation in music production, emphasising the importance of upholding artistic integrity and ensuring fair compensation for artists.

These concerns are not isolated within The Alliance but reflect a broader sentiment among artists and industry stakeholders. Earlier this year, a musician voiced concerns about a potential future where AI dominance in music creation could overshadow human artists, highlighting the existential threat some perceive in this technological shift. 

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Additionally, Bad Bunny publicly expressed disapproval of an AI-generated track that incorporated his voice without permission, shedding light on the complexities and ethical dilemmas surrounding AI’s role in music production.

-Sushmita Sarkar

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