Katy Perry’s New Album, ‘143’: Everything You Need to Know

Katy Perry is officially back! After months of teasing her much-anticipated sixth studio album, the former ‘American Idol’ judge has finally revealed that her next musical effort, titled ‘143,’ will be arriving this autumn.

The 39-year-old pop star took to her social media to unveil the album’s cover art. The striking image features Perry in nearly nude attire, levitating at the centre of a blue and red cosmos. Alongside the artwork, the singer confirmed that the project will debut on 20th September, a full four years after her last album, ‘Smile,’ was released. For those unfamiliar with pager codes, ‘143’ is a shorthand for “I Love You.”

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In a press release from her label, Capitol Records, Perry said, “I set out to create a bold, exuberant, celebratory dance-pop album with the symbolic 143, a numerical expression of love as a throughline message.”

The statement describes ‘143’ as a “sexy, fearless return to form” for Perry after a four-year break. Her last album, ‘Smile,’ received mixed responses and had lukewarm sales, something Perry joked about during her LA Residency in August 2023. “If you couldn’t love me in my ‘Witness’ and ‘Smile’ eras, then you can’t love me in my KP6 era,” she quipped to the audience in fan-cam footage.

Katy Perry New Album
Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

As for her upcoming record, Perry will officially kick things off on 11th July with her new album’s first single, ‘Woman’s World.’ “BB UR A FIREWORK. and speaking of work, ‘WOMAN’S WORLD’ IS GOING TO WORK IN ONE WEEK HAPPY 4TH us,” Perry wrote about the track on the Fourth of July. The single, accompanied by a music video, will drop on 12th July.