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Kayley Bishop Releases ‘Hold on Honey’ Music Video

Country singer Kayley Bishop’s song ‘Hold on Honey’ has become a powerful anthem of resilience, resonating deeply with audiences across the board. Originally written as a personal reflection on heartbreak, the song has transcended its origins to offer comfort and encouragement to those facing a variety of challenges.

There’s never been an audience member that wasn’t shaken by the song, Bishop says of ‘Hold on Honey’. She describes countless interactions with fans who connect the song’s message to their struggles.

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Now, the official music video for ‘Hold on Honey’ takes the message a step further. The video features a collaboration with Nashville’s Recovery Church. Together, they tell the stories of individuals who have found solace in the song while battling addiction and mental health issues.

Bishop explains that the collaboration wasn’t initially planned. She encountered difficulties securing a filming location for the video, leading her to believe the project might not come to fruition.  However, a fortuitous turn of events led her to Recovery Church.

Image Courtesy: People

“It was almost like the closed doors led me to the one I was supposed to walk through,” she says. “It hit me that this needed to be more than just talking to the brokenhearted,” she reveals.

Looking back on her journey, Bishop reflects on a piece of advice she wishes she could share with her younger self, a contestant on the reality show ‘The Voice’. “You are more capable than you could ever imagine,” she emphasises. Happily single at present, Bishop encourages perseverance and self-belief.

-Sushmita Sarkar

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