Keegan-Michael Key Compares Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift to Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson

Keegan-Michael Key spilled the beans at the NFL Honors, letting us in on the fact that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift aren’t the first power couple to grace the football scene.

In a dazzling opening monologue during Thursday’s NFL Honors event, where outstanding players and performances are celebrated, the 52-year-old comedian brought the laughs. Key shone a spotlight on the season’s breakout story – the high-profile romance between Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end and the pop sensation.

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Keegan-Michael Key
Image Courtesy: The list

 “Let’s dive into Travis and Taylor. I think they’re both amazing, and I’m genuinely happy for them,” the comedian quipped. “But let’s be real, Travis Kelce, this isn’t the NFL’s first rodeo with a player dating a singer. Remember Russell [Wilson] and Ciara? What about Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson? Oh, and who can forget Peyton Manning and Brad Paisley?”

Adding a touch of humour, the ‘Wonka’ star couldn’t resist a playful jab at Taylor Swift’s current location in Japan on her Eras Tour, cleverly tying it to a dig at the Carolina Panthers, the NFL’s underdogs last season. “Word on the street is Taylor Swift is in Tokyo right now. But let’s be honest, the only entity farther from the Super Bowl is the Carolina Panthers,” Key quipped.

Keegan-Michael Key
Image Courtesy: CNN

And he didn’t stop there, taking a playful shot at none other than the legendary former Patriots coach, Bill Belichick, who stepped down after a dismal 4-13 season. “Who would’ve thought that Taylor Swift would attend more playoff games than Bill Belichick?,” Key added, leaving the audience in stitches.

For those not in the know, Swift and Kelce, both 34, sent the rumour mill into overdrive in September 2023 when the singer graced a few Chiefs games. By October 2023, they made their relationship public, making a joint appearance hand-in-hand at a ‘Saturday Night Live’ after party.

-Farheen Alie